Fog vs haze…haze vs fog…fazer v hazer…what the hell is the difference?!?!
You’ve probably heard of a smoke machine or a haze machine before, but if you were like me then you probably had no idea how they’re quite different and those differences can have a bit impact on your images. In this film lighting techniques tutorial, you’ll discover that smoke or fog machines are the most commonly used tool in the family, they are low cost and easy to find. But there are some really great reasons to look a little bit deeper and spend a little more money.

Haze machines can certainly have their advantages over their more affordable siblings, but they can come at a cost. In this lighting tutorial I’ll share some filmmaking tips on how you can make your videos more cinematic, using one of my favourite lighting tools: a haze machine.

…and what is a fazer? You’ll have to watch the video to find out 😉

Let us know what you thought of the video and what your favourite lighting tool is in the comments below!

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