Gear is a huge part of video production, but it’s also one of the biggest reasons why people never get started! It seems so complex!! 

In today’s video, we dispel the myths and share how you can beat gear overwhelm TODAY!

Start your own vlog and stop overwhelming yourself with the gears you need to use. The best tip is to start using the camera you have, it might be your iPhone device, your smartphone camera, your DSLR, any camera that you have right now. Learn about the techniques and all the technicalities later. 

They will come in due time. It’s also good to first examine your fears. You may be hesitant to put authentic content and putting yourself out there. So, eliminate those fears as well. When you’ve started your filmmaking journey, it’s time to look for help from people with experience. Ask them the gears you need and gather samples of what you like. 

This video will help you start your own vlog and pave your way from all the vlogging gear available right now.

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