Vlog #3! David shares some simple tips to overcome those nerves and get you presenting like a pro!

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Being nervous on camera is one of the biggest hurdles for most business owners and new vloggers to start creating their own content. Staring down the lens into nothingness can seem scary, but with a few simple tools I want to help you work through those nerves and get you presenting like a pro!

1. My first tip is to pivot that nervous energy.
The only difference between fear/nerves and excitement, is how your brain interprets it. So, if you’re feeling really nervous when you step in the front of the camera, then my tip is to just repeat yourself, “I’m excited”, “I’m excited to be helping people”, “I’m excited to be teaching people.” Just doing that will help you transition your energy from nervous to a positive excited energy.

The other thing you can do to help make that pivot is to make the environment a positive one that you will enjoy stepping into. Do some exercise right before you get on camera, play some music or have a filming buddy in the room that you know you will have a lot of fun with.

2. My second tip is to avoid having your script in view while filming. When you get nervous, your brain will look for something to fixate on, and every time you encounter a stumble or mental block, you’re going to want to “check the script.” You can get paranoid and start to second guess yourself. As a result your performance won’t be as smooth and it will be hard to get into flow.

3. My solution is my tip number three, practice, practice, practice! Getting on camera is like any other skill, it’s something that you need to cultivate with time, repetition, and experience.

4. Pretend to the camera is a child.
My final recommendation is my personal favorite and this is something that I use with clients all the time. And that is to pretend to the camera is a child. Because how do you talk to a child? You talk slowly, you smile a lot, and you use really simple language. And that is the best way to present to a camera. So, the three main principle. Keep it simple, Talk slowly, and smile.

Thanks for reading! I hope that these tips will help you to overcome your nerves getting in front of camera. If you’d like more content like this, leave us a comment or share this with someone who you think might gain some value.
Happy vlogging!