If you are running a live event, you are sitting on a goldmine of valuable footage and you just need to know how to repurpose it! In Vlog 13 David shares the best ways to leverage your event footage and get the best ROI!

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Now before you watch this video, make sure you check out last week’s vlog which is all about the ideal system that we use for capturing live events. I don’t think there’s any other place where you can capture mountains and mountains of powerful footage than at a live event.

In today’s video, I’m gonna share with you five different ways that you can leverage all of that amazing footage, and turn it into really powerful content.

The first type of video that you can create out of your live event is a full-length edit, and you can package this up into a digital product so that you can go beyond just ticket sales. You’ll actually have a leveraged product that you can either upsell to attendees or sell to people that weren’t able to make the physical event.

That means you can stretch the reach of your event so much further, and it will also make people super excited to attend next year’s event if it’s something that you’re gonna be doing annually. Now I’m gonna show you a few ways you can break it down into smaller chunks and repurpose that content to create different types of videos.

The second type of video that you can create is a webinar video. You might take the best parts of the content from your event, cut it down so that it’s nice and concise, got some nice B-roll, it’s got cutaways to slides. It’s got great information; it’s your best stuff, and you can share that in a free online webinar as part of a webinar funnel. You can use this to attract ticket sales to your next event, or you can use it to sell other products and services that you might be offering.

The third thing you can create is social media promos that you can use to sell products, sell services, and sell ticket sales for future events. These might be between one and three minutes long, and they’re jam-packed full of great one-liners, great content, and really powerful and emotive B-roll to really give people a sense of what it’s like to be there at your event, and getting all of that value that you have to offer.

The fourth type of video that you can create, and this one is really, really powerful and not many people do it is micro-content. If you have a three-hour presentation, there’s gonna be so many little pieces of gold, so many little one-liners that you can extract and turn into a piece of micro-content for Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. These are just really short videos, really punchy, between 10 seconds and 30 seconds long, but from a full day’s event, you can end up with dozens and dozens of these types of videos, and that can be enough content to last you for months.

This is really, really, really powerful stuff and so few people do it, so I really encourage you if you take nothing else out of this video, to consider how you can extract micro-content. If you’re putting out content like that on a regular basis, you’re gonna be so far ahead of the game.

The fifth type of video you can create are testimonial videos. At your live events, that’s when the energy and the excitement is gonna be at an all-time high amongst your participants, and that is the perfect time to grab really powerful testimonials. You can grab some people that are absolutely loving everything that you’ve shared, and grab some really powerful content to help drive up ticket sales to future events. This helps to really ramp up social proof, and you can gather a heap of these all in one go. Of course, powerful testimonials require the right questions. We’re gonna have our top five testimonial questions in another video, so keep an eye out for that one.

This next one’s a little bit of a bonus point because it is a different type of content that you can create, but you need a second crew to be able to capture it which is why it’s not one of my top five, but that is you can also take advantage of your event, and have a second crew in a second room doing media interviews. We’ve had clients who have engaged us to do just this type of shoot, and you get some really powerful content. You can have someone interviewing your delegates, your keynote speakers and your participants to gather extra content that can be super, super powerful for media releases and social media.

Thanks for watching, guys. I hope you got a lot of value out of this video, and you can start to see just how many possibilities there are for the types of content you can create out of your event. If you’ve got an event coming up, and you’d like to see exactly how you can leverage and maximise the amount of content that you want to create from your event, then get in touch; we’d love to have a conversation. Please remember to give us the thumbs up, and hit subscribe so you can see more powerful content just like this. And we will see you in the next video.