IMPORTANT UPDATE: Please watch this video before viewing this review: I discovered an alternate version of this light in the form of the Luxceo P7.

Please note that there is a substantial price difference between the Luxceo P7 and the Lumin8 Kelvin (the version I originally bought and reviewed). I have done a comparison video between the two, linked above.

Buy a Luxceo P7: (Note: the link above contains affiliate links. If you choose to make a purchase using any of these links we’ll receive a small commission, at no cost to you, which helps to support the channel). 

When it comes to the search for the best LED light for video, there are a lot of considerations to be made. Do you want an LED panel or a COB? What about an LED tube light? Whats the CRI, the output, the construction and the overall usability?

My conclusion – there is no one-size fits all LED light for video that does everything. So I’ve taken an eclectic approach and have started a small (okay not so small) collection of LED video lights, each with their own specific purpose. 

This light in particular, the Luxceo P7 (AKA The Lumin8 Kelvin), was my waterproof and weather proof solution. At the time, this is all I focused on and subsequently, the light sat on the shelf (because how often do you shoot underwater really?) and I missed the best parts of what makes this light great. 

It’s not only waterproof, but shock (and car) proof, has great CRI, an inconspicuous form factor that makes for great practical lighting applications, as well asa long-life internal battery. This is a great LED tube light, not perfect, but great. And since rediscovering it, I’ve fallen in love. 

So checkout the full review of the Luxceo P7 / Lumin8 Kelvin LED light tube and let me know in the comment what you thought of it and if you decide to pick one up for yourself. 

Ethics Note: This light was purchased by my as part of the original Lumin8 crowdfunding campaign. This video is not sponsored and has no affiliation with Lumin8 or Luxceo, I just think it’s a kick-arse light and wanted to share it with the community. 

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