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Today we’re reviewing the Power Junkie by Blind Spot Gear! DSLR camera batteries:
We all have at least five of them, because they need to be constantly changed throughout the day.

If you have your camera rigged up on a gimbal or in a cage, getting access to the battery door can sometimes be a bit tricky and frustrating. Thats where the Power Junkie and its multitude of Sony NPF dummy battery adapters come into play.

It’s remarkably simple, so much so that I’m shocked it took so long for this idea to come to market. The Power Junkie is a Sony NPF battery plate which provides a 7.2v DC barrel output (+ 2x USB-A ports), which when paired with blindspot’s dummy battery adapters, can power a large number of cameras on the market.

They produce dummy batteries for all the major camera manufacturers out there: Canon, Panasonic, Sony, Fuji, Nikon etc. There is a lot to love about this product, so check out the review to see all the features and benefits this powerful little product brings to the table.

Note: We purchased all the units we use ourselves and have extensively road-tested them over the years. This is a long term review of a produce we love and is not in any way sponsored by Blind Spot Gear and they will not see this video prior to its release.

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