Understanding the difference between hard light and soft light is fundamental to the beginning of your lighting journey.

In this video we demonstrate the key differences between hard light and soft light, which affect the quality of light in photography and film. You’ll learn how to use diffusion and bounce lighting to create a softer light source, as well as share some soft light examples created using different lighting tools.

 The Equipment we use: https://kit.co/CreativePathFilms/our-studio-production-kit

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Specific Gear used for this setup:
– Aputure 120D II
– Neewer 26″ Octagonal Softbox (Bowens Mount)
– Neewer 48″ Parabolic Softbox (Bowens Mount)
– Matthews C-Stand
– Jet black paper roll backdrop
– Lee 216 Full White Diffusion Gel
– 4×4 Polystyrene Reflector Board

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