There are so many different types of film lights available that it can be overwhelming and confusing if you’re new to film lighting! 

Have you ever found yourself wondering, what’s a HMI? What’s a tungsten light? How does a fluorescent work? If you have, this video is for you. 

Today, we’ll be taking you through the 4 most common types of film lights, sharing the differences between them as well as how they work. We’ll also unpack some unusual film lighting terms such as HMI (watch the video to find discover what it means, then try saying that 3 times fast!).

You’ll also learn about some film lighting basics related to Tungsten Halogen lights, HMI’s, Fluorescents and LED lighting fixtures so you can select the best type of light for the job, as well as understand what they are and how they work so when you turn up on set, you’re not seeing them for the first time.

All of these lights are terrific and powerful tools for crafting cinematic lighting setups for your next project.


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