If you’ve never used a tungsten light before, this is the video for you! Tungsten lights are an absolute staple in the film world and I still use tungsten lights for film and video shoots on a regular basis, despite being a little outdated.

Today, we’ll explore how to setup, operate and maintain tungsten film lights, such as the Arrilite 800, Arrilite 750, Arri 650 and others. You’ll learn how to correctly change the bulbs in tungsten lights, how best to handle tungsten film lights, as well as how to control the light using flood and spot controls, dimmers, barn doors, scrims and gels.

We also introduce you to CTB gel (AKA tungsten to daylight gel) and walk you through the different grades available so you can match tungsten lights to your existing daylight fixtures such as LED’s and HMI’s. 

If you like to learn what is tungsten light and how does it work – check out our previous video on different types of film lights: https://youtu.be/LQ4K4wMrRig

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