Powerful story driven video production and editing services, for entrepreneurs and brands with a mission



At Creative Path Films (formerly Evolve Film Productions), we aspire to be part of the change by helping businesses like yours
elevate out of anonymity. We help by crafting videos that will engage the right people, so you
can grow your business, build community and leave a legacy.
We strive to help business owners who are passionate about making change and want to create
a better future. Afterall, it’s the entrepreneurs, businesses and innovators with a vision who are
transforming the world we live in now.

As one of the leading Gold Coast video production companies, we create more than just
gorgeous videos. We craft purpose driven films that inspire audiences, build lasting
relationships and grow community. We do this with emotionally charged case studies, powerful
overview videos, engaging online content, expert event videography and more.
We have developed a platform that provides you with a powerful medium to tell your story. We
give you all the tools you need to make your brand’s voice heard and support you every step of
the way.

Our clients are more than just customers. They are our collaborators and partners in our
mission to elevate humanity in three key areas of life: health, wealth and self.
With years of experience in the Gold Coast video production and video editing industries, our
team of video production experts are passionate about helping you to level up your video

Inspire, empower and call to action with professional video production and online video editing
services by the creative minds from Creative Path Films.