Live Event Coverage

Give your audience a taste of how your brand educates and transforms lives

Events and retreats are a powerful way to engage directly with your clients and showcase your community and culture. But are you maximizing and leveraging your event footage to its full potential?

Whether you’re running a retreat, mastermind or national conference, you can capture it all with our event videography services. Designed to forge an emotional connection, our videos make your viewers yearn to experience the real thing and drive up ticket sales.

With years of experience, we know exactly how to pinpoint the golden moments and weave them together into videos that showcase the energy and the ambience of your event. We’ll help you to repurpose and re-use your footage to create online products, webinars, promotional clips, micro-content, testimonials and so much more. Your event, if captured in the right way, could be the thing that will 10x your video marketing output!

Not only will we provide you with the perfect edits to match your brief, we’re also determined to give you the best value possible. We’ll provide you with a detailed breakdown of the raw footage from the event highlighting the very best content, so you can see all the ways you can repurpose your footage.

So book us today to cover your next retreat, mastermind, conference or live event and let us help your business inspire, empower and change people’s lives for the better.