iFootage CB3 BASE Cobra 3 Low Profile Minipod



Affordable, really well reviewed, built like a brick and with an impressive maximum payload of 13.23lbs or roughly 6kg.

Key Features
Mini Tripod / Monopod Base
Swiveling Base with Locking Knob
Load Capacity: 13.2 lb
Maximum Height: 10.2″
Folded Length: 5.7″
Weight: 1.28 lb
Quick Release Mounting Collar
Aluminum Alloy Legs with Rubber Feet

The CB3 BASE Cobra 3 Low Profile Minipod Base from iFootage is compatible as a base for Cobra monopods, but also ideal for tabletop photography because of its small size. It is suitable for mounting a DSLR camera or accessory, and the top platform has a quick release functionality for instant removal of the camera. Movement of the swiveling base is controlled by the large main locking knob. The base tilts at a 90° angle via the cut notch on its side. The rubber base foot can be utilized by folding the legs up.


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